Swedish Massage in Bangalore

Swedish Massage in Bangalore

Swedish massage is among the widely renowned massage therapy that is highly provided for pain relief. Swedish massage is executed utilizing particular strokes that work on the above layers of muscles. There are five massage strokes that are widely implemented amid Swedish Massage and every movement of a stoke become a strong part of contributing to the complete massage sequence.

Swedish Massage in Bangalore categorizes into five fundamental stroke techniques:


This massage stroke comprises extended, gliding, sweeping strokes managed with hands (both open palm and fists) as well as forearms. Further, it is divided into - light and deep effleurage strokes.


This stroke consists of kneading, rolling, wringing and lifting actions that assist to release knotted and bound muscles.


This stroke is performed by rubbing from side to side along the length of the muscle or across it by utilizing wringing motion or small circular movements


This stroke involves tapping, hacking, and pounding actions that steadily stimulates muscles, nerves, and circulation.


This stroke involves rocking, shaking and wobbly movements.

In general, Swedish massage practice entails rubbing muscles simultaneously in the similar direction as the blood flows to the heart.

Advantages of Swedish Massage

Thinking about whether you should ask for a booking for a Swedish Massage in Bangalore or not? Look at a few of the advantages below to realize why a Swedish massage may be a perfect option for you.

  • Swedish massage can be a compelling technique for dealing with the pain related to conditions like sciatica or osteoarthritis.
  • Massage widens the blood vessels and broadens the membrane pores in your body, enhancing your body's capacity to deliver oxygen and nutrients to exhausted muscles.
  • Massage invigorates the body's mechanoreceptors -- the cells that react to touch -- and discharges endorphins to enhance the mood.
  • A combination of Swedish massage as well as regular stretching is the ideal technique for anybody to fight off workout-related injuries and enjoy their exercise time.
  • Swedish massage reduces stress by lowering the cortisol levels that let your immune system to develop stronger.

Swedish Massage at Millennium Spa

Swedish massage is the incredible approach to treat yourself— but at the same time, it's significantly more than that. The physical as well as mental health advantages of a Swedish Massage in Bangalore, at Millennium Spa, make it an extraordinary alternative for those new to massage or somebody looking to a complete massage experience.